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23 May 2019 - 24 May 2019
Graz, Austria
chii Academy

Following 3 very successful chii conferences, we were eager to shift the focus back to the needs of application engineers, end users and apprentices to address their training needs in lecture and workshop settings.

chii Academy 2019 workshops are designed as application-driven, hands-on training sessions delivered by industrial players to provide in-depth knowledge of tools and components.

May 23rd

May 24th

13:00 -

Instrumentation &

13:00 -

Automation by Machine Vision

15:00 -

The Chemical Fingerprint

15:00 -

Application by Chemometrics

Instrumentation & Components

Gerhard Stanzel
Sales Engineer

Gerhard Stanzel is Machine Vision Sales Engineer and hyperspectral imaging technology specialist at Stemmer Imaging AG. His background is in electrical engineering, started 12 years ago as a development engineer for spectrometers and spectral imaging systems and became Head of R&D. During this time he gained a lot of experience in the field of hyperspectral imaging ranging from sensors, camera hardware, spectrographs, lenses, illumination as well as firmware and software.

Gerhard will focus on hyperspectral instrumentation. This includes cameras, spectrographs, hyperspectral compact cameras, lenses and illumination.
A part of the workshop will be setting up a hyperspectral system and acquiring data.

The Chemical Fingerprint

Markus Burgstaller
Perception Park

Markus received his M.S. degree in electronics from the Carinthia University of Applied Science in 2002. Since 2006 he countinously is working in the field of the hyperspectral technology as well as real-world industrial application.
Markus is co-founder and CEO of Perception Park.

The workshop emphases pitfalls and strategies to industrial hyperspectral imaging. A hands-on demo of the Perception Studio program serves to understand workflows in this circumstance. Industrial needs to performance, accuracy and usability are addressed in addition.



Application by Machine Vision & Learning

Heinz Fleischhacker
Kestrel Eye

Heinz Fleischhacker received his MSc in Telematics with a focus on image
processing & machine learning at the Graz University of Technology
in 2011. In the same year he co-founded Kestrel Eye, a company which
provides image-based automation solutions for industrial purposes. His
main research and application interests are image segmentation &
classification, kernel based methods and neural networks.

The workshop addresses the steps to create and deploy an industrial
machine vision application based on hyperspectral image data (CCI
images) and image classification. Two topics are of interest: Create a
classifier to analyze CCI data (1) and integrate a solution onto an
industrial machine (2). To obtain a classifier, configuring the image
processing and classification are demonstrated using an image analysis
tool. Two approaches are introduced: Traditional learning with
hand-crafted features and automatic feature selection using deep


Application by Chemometrics

Andreas Vidman
Prediktera AB

Andreas Vidman is the CEO and co-founder of Prediktera. With over 15 years experience of working in the computer software industry with applications within statistics, Chemometrics, and Analytical Chemistry. He has a M.Sc focused in Chemical Engineering from UmeƄ University in Sweden.
Prediktera provides software for hyperspectral analysis.

In this workshop Andreas will demonstrate and teach how to use Predikteras solutions to develop applications for classification and quantification analysis, and then apply these for realtime analysis. The software used will be Evince, Breeze and Breeze Runtime.

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